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Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review: Joe-Joe Nut & Biscuit Bill

This was a cute book. I got to review, The Adventures of Joe-Joe Nut & Biscuit Bill Case#1: The Great Pie Catastrophe by Renee Hand. It had my kids attention because Joe-Joe and Biscuit are detectives. I loved that the book had chapters. That way, I could read a chapter every night and the boys would be left wanting more! I also loved that at the back of the book there was a section called animal facts and questions. My boys loved hearing about the animals and answering the questions!

Down in Acorn Valley, just before the 42nd Annual Pie Festival coud begin, a crime was committed. Someone stole Miss Cluck's Bueberry Pie that she was going to enter into the Pie Contest. Who did she call to come to her aid? She caled the best detectives in the valley of course, Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bil Animals Detectives. As they discover clues and gather facts, the hunt beings and Jow-Joe and Biscuit follow animal tracks that lead them to four different suspects. Bears, ducks, frogs, raccoons...oh my! But who committed the crime? Use your deduction and reasoning skills to solve the case along with Joe-Joe and Biscuit. Learn about animal tracks and some of the animals who make them. Can the case be solved before the judging of the pies? Come find out in Book #1: The Great Pie Catastrophe.

I give the book a 3/5. I loved the story line and the animals facts and questions in the back. One thing my boys didn't like is that there were no pictures to look at. There was a picture at the beginning of each chapter, but that was it. My boys are 4 and 5, so they still like to see the colorful pictures on each page.

Renee Hand is an Award-Winning Romance Novelist and Children's Author. Please go check out her site to learn more about her and her books! Click HERE

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Renee Hand said...

Thank you so much for reviewing my book. I greatly appreciate it. On my website I also have a video that shows pictures of the book as well as coloring pages. I also have a series for those upper elementary and 6th grade children. It is a mystery series as well, but that one is interactive. In order for the reader to solve the case they must solve cryptograms and puzzles. Lots of fun. Thanks again.

Author Renee Hand

Anonymous said...

I heard the illustrator also wanted to be in color... who is that handsome devil anyway?

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