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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Cleaning Day!

It's Sunday! Which, for me, means it's house cleaning day! It's a beautiful day here in south Alabama! Time to send the boys outside to play and get to work! I'm going to turn the radio on and open the windows! I love the smell of a house when the windows have been open!

What do you do with your Sunday's? Leave me a comment and share with everybody how you spend your Sunday!

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Jennifer M. said...

It was nice in Dallas today too. Unfortunately my son and I have some type of contagious rash. Maybe Chicken Pox? So, we spent the day inside.

On a normal Sunday our family will go have breakfast at our usual diner then home for the boys to nap and mom to clean.

I love the smell of a house with the windows open too. It's funny though, because we can only do it in fall/winter/spring because summer is just too hot.

50centlove said...

I wish I had time and motivation to clean on Sundays. First it's church in the morning till about 12:00. Then I prepare for choir practice at 4:30. Then bible study at 6:00. Get home about 8:00. Busy, busy day. I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest? Not complaining though. :) Love what I do

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