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Monday, March 15, 2010

Ima gonna be a busy bee!

Just a little FYI for this week:
The hubby is coming home! Haven't seen him in about a month. He will be here in about an hour! The boys don't know he's coming so it will be a good surprise! He will be here until Saturday or Sunday, then he's leaving again. :( But, while he's here, we are going to be VERY busy! I have to help him get everything in the backyard packed and cleaned up, then put in storage. Oh man, there is A LOT of stuff outside! *rolls eyes* Boys and their toys! Also, we are going to go look at the house we are moving into. Yes, we are already going to rent a house we've never seen. We'll I've seen a few pictures of it online. One of the guys that is stationed with my hubby is transfering and couldn't sell his house, so he's renting it to us! It's in a great neighborhood, it has everything we need, and it's down the street from one of our friends! Being a military wife, that's sooo important! Another thing is... tomorrow is my sons birthday!!! He'll be 5 years old! Wow, I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! That's one of the main reasons the hubs is coming home! Sweet, I know! :) Once the hubs leaves, my mama is coming!! Yay! She'll be here for about 10 days helping me start packing up my house. I'm very excited, I haven't seen my mom since Christmas! Yay yay yay!! :)

So, as you can tell, I am going to be just a tiny bit busy! I'm going to do my best to get on here and write up a few reviews/giveaways. Soda Stream, Mom's Best Naturals, and a book review (all with giveaways) are a few coming up! So stay tuned, and don't worry, I'm still here!

Here's a picture of me and my hubby about a year ago!

Don't forget to thank a member of our MILITARY!


Regina said...

How exciting that Hubby gets to come home and for a week. That's fantastic. SO hope the boys love their surprise ^_^.

Happy Birthday to the big boy. Times does seem to just fly by...I can't believe that my Chaz is 7.

Hope you get a lot checked off that Honey Do list while hubby is home....we are getting ready to do the same thing I believe (fingers crossed)...pack and relocate..What fun, huh?

We are in Alabama too....still staying in the state but getting closer to the coast. YEAH!!!


Natalie A. said...

That's great that you get to see your husband! I hope you enjoy your time together and get everything done that you need to!

Kari said...

You are going to be busy - sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy the time with your hubby!

Jackie said...

Enjoy your weekend together! It's wonderful he will be home for your son's birthday!

whocg23 said...

Wow. That is really all exciting stuff to be happening, but boy does that make you busy. :) I hope everything goes well and smoothly these next few weeks and all!

Debbie said...

I hope you are having a great week! I'm so happy for you.

Frugal Vicki said...

Enjoy your time with your hubby! I bet that is so hard to be away from him so much!

Anonymous said...

Happy follow friday! I know you're busy with your husband coming home and the kids being excited. You have a very interesting site and I love giveaways! I'm your new follower and hope you'll follow me! Thank you husband for his service! I'll be back.

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