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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer in the South: Ban T-Shirts Review

Looking for some good summer t-shirts, I ran across Ban T-ShirtsBan T-shirts is a website with left-wing, liberal, socialist, green, progressive and libertarian credentials. You'll find T-shirts that will show people where you stand on issues such as war and the environment. Express yourself with these T-shirts and meet other like-minded people - these political T-shirts get people talking! They sell shirts that are about our right to free speech and to criticise what we think is wrong. Their shirts are for those that understand that patriotism and democracy do not mean blind obedience.

For my review, I chose the  'Be Afraid' t-shirt for my husband. It'll take you a few minutes to read it all, but it's great! And it is such the truth. No matter where you go or what you do, there is always going to be something to be afraid of!

I LOVE the way the shirt fits my husband! Most shirts aren't long enough for him, but this one is the perfect length! I've washed it and it still fits the same. I think he is enjoying it too because he's worn it quite a few times! Plus, it's really soft! There is nothing better than a really soft shirt! The lightness of it is also great for the summer heat!

Duncan Carson has made it a point to make sure that his shirts are sweatshop free! He made a decision to print thier designs on American made sweat shop free t-shirts. He believe that it is important to support businesses that pay their workers a decent living wage, and to support the local economy.

You can find Ban T-Shirts on Facebook, Twitter, and their new UK 'mini' site! Also, for every t-shirt that you buy, a tree will be planted. Ban T-shirts makes a donation equivalent to the cost of planting a tree to Trees For The Future for every T-shirt you buy. So get out there and buy a tee, plant a tree!

Here are a few of my favorite shirts:

My overall impression of Ban T-shirts, total awesomeness! :)

Don't forget to thank a member of our MILITARY!


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