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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gearing Up for the Holidays: Tubular Greetings Review

About the company:

Looking for an awesome, totally tubular novelty gift? SEND A TUBULAR GREETING! Everyone, especially kids, love getting fun mail.  Tubular Greetings are mailed in a 12" clear tube filled with goodies and your personal message scrolled inside!  The mailing label goes on the tube and it's mailed as is - no packaging! Do something different - send a Tubular Greeting today!  
*You can include a gift card in your Tubular Greeting.
 Send one to:
a niece or nephew -  a business client  -  a friend just because -  someone who is pregnant  -  someone who just got engaged
......they will LOVE getting something so fun and different in the mail - it's sure to get their attention!
Prices include tax and shipping.  Please allow 3-8 days USPS shipping! We ship from Chicago.  We ship to the 50 states.  No international shipping.

I am very impressed with Tubular Greetings! I received the Tubular Boy one for review. My 5 year old is in Kindergarten this year. It took him a few weeks to adjust to being around a lot of kids his age all day. About once a week, he was getting into trouble for hitting or being off task. So, when I knew the Tubular Greetings was coming in the mail, I made a deal with him.

I told him that if he was good at school all week, he would get a surprise! Well, he was totally into that! So, he did as he was told and was good all week. I had already received the Tubular Greetings in the mail, so I hid it. Before I left to pick him up from school, I put it back into the mailbox.

When we got home, I told him that his surprise had come in the mail and he needed to go check it. He ran as fast as he could to go look! When he pulled it out, he squealed with joy! I helped him open it and dumped all his goodies onto the floor. Let's just say, I didn't hear anything out of him for a long while after that!

The Tubular Boy included: Smencil, glow whistle, pop rocks, silly putty, paratrooper, mini sport ball, pixie stix, smarties, stickers. And it only costs $15!

He enjoyed it so much, I am thinking about getting him another one for doing so well on his report card! 

Tubular Greetings also sells greetings for a baby on the way, get well, college days, and many many more!

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