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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Rock Apparel Review

Do you have a little rock star on your hands? I know I do! Both of my boys love to 'jam out'! Everything from air guitar, bandannas, and even the Gene Simmons tongue! So, when I had to opportunity to review for Baby Rock Apparel, I was super excited!

They sell a lot of really cool items! Babies, toddlers, kids, boys, girls, they have it all! Everything to dress them from head to toe! To be honest, even with the massive amounts of products they sell, it took me no time at all to decide what to review! As soon as I saw the "Lock your daughters up" shirt, I was sold!

My 5 year old gets more compliments as a little kid than I have gotten my entire life! He is just a cutie! From the old to the young, they all love him! He has eye lashes that go on FOREVER! So, this shirt seemed appropriate!

The shirt is very well made! Made in the USA of 100% Rib cotton and combed for softness and comfort. I love the lettering on the shirt, and washing it has not made it come off or fade. The fit is very nice as well. Every time my son wears the shirt, you can just see the other moms chuckling over it!

For my lovely readers, Baby Rock Apparel is giving you guys 15% off when you use the code 'coastguard'! So, go order now! Coupon is good for three months.

Don't forget to thank a member of our MILITARY!


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