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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kimochis Review

I would like to introduce you all to Kimochis! Kimochis are toys with feelings inside. Kimochi means "feeling" in Japanese.

If you have little ones at home like I do, you know that sometimes they have a hard time conveying their feelings. My 5 year old gets really mad some times and all he can do is growl! And my 4 year old sometimes will laugh instead of cry. He tries to hold it in. Children don't always understand their feelings, what they mean, and how to express them.

With Kimochis, it makes learning these things fun and easy! Each 13 inch Kimochis character comes with 3 plush "feelings" and a how-to Feel Guide with tips for parents on connecting with their kids during emotional moments.

I received Kimochis Bug and and a Mixed Feelings Pack. I have absolutely fallen in love with this product! Bug is a Caterpillar that is afraid of change. Perfect for my boys! Being a military family, we are moving every few years and now that my boys are in school, it's going to be hard on them leaving their friends. With Bug, it will make it easier for them to show me how they feel. Then, it will be easier for us to talk about it!

Bug comes with 3 plush feelings: Happy, Brave and Left Out. The Mixed Feelings Pack comes with 6 plush feelings: Scared, Jealous, Shy, Grateful and Loved. The sixth plushy is blank. The pack comes with a washable marker so your little one can write their own feeling down.

All of the "feelings" are perfect. We have already used Happy, Jealous and Loved. They let me know what they were feeling. It was easy for them to find the right "feeling" because on one side is the word, and on the other is the facial expression to go with the feeling!

Next week I am going to use the Grateful "feeling" to talk to them about Thanksgiving. With the tips in the Feel Guide, it will be very simple. Not to mention that I am Grateful for finding this product!

The Mixed feelings come in 3 different packs. There are also more Kimochis characters other than bug. There is Cat who knows what she wants and can be very persuasive and sometimes bossy. Cloud, depending on his mood can be happy or sad. Lastly, there's Huggtopus who is all smiles and giggles!

If you have a little who is having trouble expressing how they feel, you should really get them a Kimochis! The 13 inch characters and only $25! That is really inexpensive when you look at some of the other toys out there that don't offer what this one does!

Purchases can be made at Whole Foods and

Which one who you choose for your little one?

Don't forget to thank a member of our MILITARY!


Danielle said...

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Just wanted say I am not a Coast Guard Wife but I am an Active Duty Coast Guard Member and mommy. Where are you guys stationed I am at the Training Center in Petaluma.

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