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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Proactiv Review

The school year is just another season to showcase how Mom always comes to the rescue.  Throughout the year moms juggle, drop off, pick up, pot luck, whatever is thrown their way- they’ve got it, they’re on it, it’s DONE and DONE.  But a new survey reveals that there’s a pretty big issue that has some moms completely stumped- their children’s ACNE.
As bodies change and style is of utmost importance, appearance is a huge deal to teenagers.  During this time, any capable mother can feel a little lost about how to handle all the changes their child is going through.  A new study, conducted by Proactiv, reveals these shocking stats:
Did you know?
  • 66% of moms would feel worse if their teen had acne for an entire semester than if their teen didn’t have a date to the prom
  • 66% of moms think they know more about how their teen feels about school than their looks
  • 65% of moms believe their teens know more about algebra than how to prevent or treat their acne
  • 52% of moms who have acne-prone teens feel sad or helpless (49%) when their teens breakout
  • 49% of moms believe they are better suited to help with their teen’s homework than assist them in dealing with their acne
  • 46% of moms who experienced acne as a teen feel worse about their teens inheriting appearance problems than health issues
  • 41% of moms would give up an hour of sleep every night for a year to ensure that their teen has eternally clear skin
Dr. Alyson Levine, a dermatologist from Chappaqua, NY, who specializes in treating teenage acne, believes that teens and their moms need some additional schooling when it comes to treating acne, and offers these tips:
o   Know what to look for
o   Start treatment early
o   Don’t minimize acne insecurities
o   Treatment options

I received the 3-step system, plus a spot treatment, which is the Advanced Blemish Treatment, and Deep Cleansing Wash for the body.

I had heard a lot about Proactiv and was really curious about how well it worked. And to tell you the truth, I am very pleased with all of it!

I break out quite often. Nothing huge, just one or two here and there. And of course my big break out around 'that time of the month'. Once I started using Proactiv, everything cleared up, and kept it gone! And when one did want to show it's ugly head, I used the Spot Treatment, and BAM! it was gone!

The body wash was equally as wonderful! I get little break outs on my upper chest, upper back, and upper arms. Like, I said, not bad, it's just a little annoying. The body wash worked very well and keeps me clear of the annoyance!

All of the products smelled really good, and none of them burned like a normal acne wash would. My skin never peeled, or got irritated.

If you, or your teen is looking for an answer for acne problems, I urge you to give Proactiv a try!

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