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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WarmlyYours Review

I'm sure you guys have all seen me mention how much I love winter. You have also seen me say how easily I get cold. Sitting here at the computer for a long amount of time, I usually end up wrapped in a blanket with my feet up in the chair! It's cold under this desk!

WarmlyYours has solved my problem! For review I received an under desk heater!

As soon as I received it, I put it under the computer desk right away! It fit perfectly under the desk! I turned it on and waited. Within 5 minutes, the mat was warm to the touch. At about a half an hour, it was fully heated and my feet and legs were nice and toasty!

I love the color and feel of the heater! The color blends well with my floor so it's virtually invisible! The carpet itself is very soft! Who doesn't love something soft on their feet!?!

The Under Desk Heater provides the same level of comfort and warmth as a standard space heater at a fraction of the energy use! I try not to use space heaters very often because they do use a lot of energy, but I do love the heat they put out. The Under Deck Heater is the perfect alternative!

The Under Desk Heater comes in two different sizes. 18" x 24" for $89.00 and 24" x 36" for $139.00. If you get cold easily like me, then that money is well worth the comfort you get! Use it at home, or at your office!

WarmlyYours has other products too! They have floor heating products, comfort products and even snow melting products! What ever your warming needs are, WarmlyYours won't disappoint!

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