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Thursday, July 26, 2012

TheraPearl Review & Giveaway

Last October after one of my golf lessons, I noticed that every time I reached forward, my shoulder would pop. It was unusual and persistent. Then, along with the popping, came pain. I thought I had torn my rotator  cuff. I went to a specialist and they sent me for an MRI. Apparently, when my bones grew and formed, they didn't do a very good job. My acromion bone grew downward instead of straight out. All in all, my bone is rubbing and pinching on places it shouldn't. I was told that eventually I would need surgery to shave the bone down. Until then, I have to keep that shoulder strong and live with it. That is where TheraPearl comes in.

TheraPearl sells hot/cold packs. The packs are made with Pearl Technology. Here is a little about the Pearl Technology:

The Pearl Technology contained in every TheraPearl pack is game changing innovation born of an age old therapy. Crafted by a doctor who knew she could offer her patients something better than a bag of frozen peas, TheraPearl was designed with you in mind. Whether chilled or heated, Pearl Technology™ conveniently holds its temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes and conforms to your body to deliver the perfect relief from your aches and pains.
Easily pliable when frozen, our Pearl Technology™ is cold enough to offer targeted ice therapy without sacrificing flexibility. Not stiff, jagged or uncomfortable, chilled TheraPearl packs stay smooth and soft on your skin as they conform to deliver soothing relief.
When conveniently heated in a microwave, the Pearl Technology™ in your TheraPearl pack is the perfect solution to relax stiff muscles and encourage blood flow and healing. Delivering consistent heat therapy directly to your desired relief area without a mess, the reusable packs are combination therapy in one convenient product.
At TheraPearl, we recognize it’s all about giving people the opportunity to see and interact with our product.  When they do, they love it.  Unlike other products, our high quality clear packaging showcases the product inside, and our poke hole allows people to feel the difference for themselves.  The distinct ornamental appearance of our pearls is our trademark, and it’s how consumers recognize our product in stores.

I received the neck wrap to review. The neck wrap isn't just for necks. It can be used for stiff necks, sore shoulders, spine pain and more. I obviously use it for my shoulder. It is so nice that it can be heated and cooled. It saves me from having to go back and forth from a heating pad to a bag of ice.

I love the fact that no matter what, the wrap stays flexible. I have always remembered using the ice packs that were basically a big block of ice. Those are horrible! You can't get the coldness on the direct spot you need it in. Plus, it was always so hard, it just hurt to put it on the hurt area. No more of that with TheraPearl! I can put it where I need it, and it conforms to my body. No hardness!

TheraPearl also sells a sports pack, an eye mask, a back wrap (which would be great for the hubs!), a contour pack, and a pack that they call pals. The pals are for kids and they are so cute! They come in Pearl the Pig, Buddy the Puppy, Ping the Panda and Ribbit the Frog. My boys would love these!

With prices ranging from $5.99 to $29.99 I think these are a fantastic deal, and so much better that using frozen food or a bag of melting ice!

One of my lucky readers is going to win a TheraPearl neck wrap of their very own! Good luck!

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Disclosure Statement: TheraPearl provided The Life Of A Coast Guard Wife this review & giveaway. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. The Life Of A Coast Guard Wife is not responsible for prizes that do not arrive or are damaged in transit or anything that pertains to the prize except choosing and notifying the winner. 

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