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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Etsy Shop: Sew Amore

Etsy shop, Sew Amore, is now one of my favorite shops! Not only does Elizabeth (the wonderful shop owner) have very nice things, but it's really inexpensive too! If I can get inexpensive jewelry and accessories, I'm totally in! I asked Elizabeth if she would like to do an interview with me and she said yes! So, here is the interview (she did a great job answering the questions!).

ME: Where are you from and a little about yourself?

Elizabeth: My name's Elizabeth. I'm from Hannibal, Missouri which is famous for Mark Twain, the unsinkable Molly Brown (from the Titanic! ooh, ahh), about the stories Mark Twain wrote about (Tom Sawyer, etc). I've lived in Missouri most of my life (I've also lived in the Philippines and Virginia!) I first began sewing when I took a home ec class in highschool and loved it, but never had a sewing machine to use outside of school. It wasn't until I began a job working at Joann Fabrics over a year ago that my passion for crafts was found once again. I began sewing and joined etsy to sell zipper pouches and purses. Shortly after joining Etsy and creating a shop, I began to make jewelry and have been addicted since! I'm still learning but loving every minute of it and have a crazy obsession with the jewelry department of any store. Ha!
ME: When did you start making the items in your shop?

Elizabeth: I probably literally only began making pouches a week or two before I opened my shop. I opened with only a few pouches listed, but became a regular in the etsy chat rooms and became friends with other etsians who showed me a whole other world of things i could also make, thus introducing me to jewelry making. I've been making jewelry since November of last year and you can really tell I've learned alot since then by looking at my sold items page!

ME: How did you decide the name for your shop?

Elizabeth: I had seen other shops using the name 'sew' in adorable ways and thought it was perfect for my shop since i was originally only planning to sell sewn items such as quilts, pouches, bags, etc. I pronounce it Sew Uh-more...but realized aftering googling it (and after having already made my shop) that the word amore should be pronounced uh-more-ray..haha oh well :)

ME: What is your favorite thing about owning your shop and being a seller?

Elizabeth: I love being able to experiment with different ways of making each type of jewelry item and showing the world what I've created. With my jewelry pieces, it's nice to be able to freely create whatever comes to my mind, knowing it won't just sit around in my house somewhere. :) Also, I have a ton of fun when it comes to shipping out an item. It's like wrapping Christmas presents!

ME: What inspires you to create such beautiful pieces?

Elizabeth: I am pretty much inspired by nearly everything. Sometimes I'll see a cute top and can just imagine what sort of earrings would go great with it. Sometimes I'll be watching a tv show, see a pair of earrings on a character and think, "I could doll that up so much more!".

ME: What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

Elizabeth: My favorite item is probably the Princess Peach necklace & earrings set. I love how its bright and fun, and super girlie!

ME: Is there anything new you plan to add to your shop?

Elizabeth: I've just added adjustable button rings and stud earrings to my shop this week. I plan on having a huge selection (probably more than any other selection i currently have). It's super fun to make and i just love how they look.

ME: Anything else you would like to let us know?

Elizabeth: Right now I am having a month long sale until Mothers Day (May 9th 2010) where you can save 15% on nearly everything in my shop. It excludes shipping and destash. It's a great deal if you purchase a bracelet & a pair of earrings from my shop in the same order, because you receive a free pair of earrings with your choice of color and you get to save even more when buying sets! :)

ME: Are there any other places on the net we that we can find you?

Elizabeth: You can find me on facebook, twitter, & blogspot. Following any of these sites is helpful to know when I am having sales, giveaways and when I add new items to my shop!

Please go check out Sew Amore! She has such cute things and I know there is something there you will fall in love with! Once I get a little bit of extra money, I'm probaby going to but one of her awesome pouches! A big thanks to Elizabeth for interviewing with me and sharing her wonderful shop with us!

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Regina said...

great interview. I love when folks promote artist.
I will have to go and have a looksie at Elizabeth's shop.


SewAmore said...

thanks so much!

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