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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Etsy Shop: The Storia Project Review

You guys should know by now how much I love Etsy shope! ;) I found another shop that I just had to feature on here. The Storia Project! The shop owner, Naomi, has very neat and stylish items! Trucker hats, cuffs, waist belts, purses, and sacks can all be found there! With all the warm weather we are having (at least here), Naomi's shop will get your summer off to a great and stylish start!

If you hurry and get overe there now, she is having a HUGE sale! All hats are 25% ioff until May 1st! That's only $18 a hat! That's awesome! If you go to a huge chain store you will be paying about $35 for one. Talk about a deal! She also has a few belts at 20% off along with free domestic US shipping for select hats!

NOW is the time to go to The Storia Project and place an order! You don't want to pass theses deals up!

This is one of the purses. I really love this one! Super cute!
-Cotton black and white polka dot print outer lining

-Purple satin inner lining.
-Tie strap is vintage and hand-made with 100% silk in Japan. Classic paisley print with complimenting colors to the purse itself. Tie it in a knot at the top or bottom to create different looks.

The "La Edith" satin purse from Storia is refined and elegant with specially chosen color combinations to match the vintage necktie that ties where you chose to make an adjustable shoulder strap.

"La Edith" purses are best used for special occasions as the silk/satin/sheer fabrics are rather delicate. Each purse is sewn by hand and specially designed to withstand light to medium weights. Throw the contents of your purse in and spice up your outfit on an ordinary day or take it out on the town and wear something special! These purses make excellent gifts; you can never have too many bags...

Now on to the interview. I really enjoy this interview because she did a great job answering the questions!

ME: Where are you from and a little about yourself?

Naomi: I am originally from Anchorage, Alaska. I grew up there and then moved to Italy when I was 17 and have been back and forth between the two ever since! I was only supposed to be in Italy for four months the first time, but I quickly felt an inner tug toward the Eternal City (Rome) and decided to stay for university. After studying art history I was set to go to grad school in California, but decided last minute to stay in Rome a second time and start working. Then, after working in different fields during my first year out of college, I made up my mind to start creating clothing accessories.

ME: When did you start making the items in your shop?

Naomi: My decision to start making accessories stemmed from two main driving forces. First, I had always created my own jewelry growing up. I was always decorating, modifying my clothing, and finding new ways to wear old clothes. I was an artsy type of kid who was always writing poetry, drawing, painting, and re-organizing my room. Creating a line of items available to an outside clientele was just the next step. Second, I was focused on creating work for myself and being self-employed. I’ve loved almost all my prior work experiences, but, by my nature, I found myself constantly thinking, “I could do this myself” or “I know a better way to do this.” Add that curious initiative to my creative streak and there you have my shop: The Storia Project.

ME: How did you decide the name for your shop?

Naomi: It was actually a very natural selection and now that I think of it I can’t even remember exactly how “Storia” came about. As you can read on my website, “Storia” is a feminine Italian noun and means “a story”, or “a history”. In more colloquial contexts “Storia” can mean both of these, but in a more grand way, almost “an adventure.” These meanings fit very well not only with the look of the first pieces I was creating, but also with the spirit of the whole endeavor. I wanted to contribute to people’s lives in an intimate and personal, but also subtle and non-intrusive way. I wanted to create pieces that exuded fun and spontaneity.

ME: What is your favorite thing about owning your shop and being a seller?

Naomi: There are so many wonderful aspects to my job. It would be hard to pinpoint my absolute favorite, but one that definitely comes to mind is the possibility to be creative every day without limits. Unfortunately the administrative duties far exceed my creative duties almost every day, but in the end I know that if I stop thinking of new ideas and new designs and new solutions there will be no products and my shop will fail. So, even though that may seem like a high-pressure situation, I like the idea of my creativity being the lifeline of my operation. It’s far different from depending on my typing speed or something boring like that in order to keep an office job of which I’m ultimately not in control.

ME: What inspires you to create such beautiful pieces?

Naomi: Why thank you, Cara! So many things inspire me. My background in art history definitely helps me think of new designs and new approaches to new designs. Also, splitting my adult years between two of the most beautiful places in the world (Alaska & Italy) has had a great affect on me. I can’t think of two places so infinitely breathtaking, but ultimately opposite as these two parts of the world. I love dichotomies, contrasts, ideas and themes and plans that “shouldn’t work.” All of these ideas and outside influences end up manifesting themselves in my accessories. It’s kind of like what my brain metabolizes all my thoughts into… and they’re all for sale too!

ME: What is your favorite item in your shop and why?

Naomi: Currently, I am loving the new “La Edith” bags that just came out as well as the upcycled t-shirt sacks. I’ve just re-taught myself to sew so it’s been exciting to use that skill and create these fun, color-coordinated, interchangeable bags. Upcycling is fascinating to me and I am currently looking to produce other upcycled products. The idea of turning something old into something new and giving it a new meaning, a new personality, even a new life just blows me away.

ME: Is there anything new you plan to add to your shop?

Naomi: On that note, yes, I hope to add more upcycled and sewn products to my shop in the very near future. I’m also developing a screen printed line and am really interested in doing different types of leatherwork. I’m a bit “all over the place” and it seems like every day I think of ten million new ideas for products and designs. I just can’t do it all fast enough! It’s unfortunate that I’m a human being and actually have to sleep every once in a while.

ME: Anything else you would like to let us know?

Naomi: I’d like to say that I do it all on my own, but it’s just not true. I could never have even gotten through the first few months of designing trucker hats if my boyfriend, Federico, hadn’t encouraged me and believed in my inner artist. He plays the role of corporate shrink/graphic designer for Storia. Also, my family back in Alaska has been very supportive of my flighty and impulsive business moves. They put little pressure on me to do anything but what keeps me cheerful and active (and pays my student loans). Mama always said, “success is simply being happy and productive at the same time.”

ME: Are there any other places on the net that we can find you?

Naomi: There is, of course, my website: as well as my Etsy shop: Also Storia has a facebook fan page: and Twitter: @storiaproject. We’re everywhere!

A BIG thanks to Naomi at The Storia Project for answering all of my questions! It was a pleasure getting to know the person behind the shop. You have a wonderful shop and your work is FANTASTIC!

If you like what you've seen and read, PLEASE visit any and/or all of her pages listed and tell her Cara sent you from The Life Of A Coast Guard Wife!

Don't forget to thank a member of our MILITARY!


MC: DJ Que said...

I Love storia project and the fact that they have very unique design patterns.

I've gotten several clothing articles custom made and I am always 150 percent satisfied.

If you want a unique design with great material Storia Project is a new and fresh way to go !!!!!

MC: DJ Que

Anonymous said...

I am so happy with my Storia gear! I have to agree, they are the best. I live in my trucker hat, it is so original, I get tons of compliments on it. Now I have my eye on a leather hip belt too....
Thanks Naomi and the Storia Crew, You guys ROCK!!

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