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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Sister

This is something I wrote to my little sister years and years ago. Just thought I'd share it.

Little Sister

Come little sister
Take my hand
Lets walk
Lets talk
Have I ever hurt you?
Yeah, I know I have
You just make me so mad
You yell and scream
It makes me boil over
And I spill out all over you
I raise my hand
I hit you
For a split second everything stops
You look up
Tears in your eyes
Realizing what I've done I try to apologize
You say you hate me and run away
I feel so bad
I keep replaying it in my mind
The look in your eyes
They say...why?
I'm sorry
I really am
I don't mean to hurt you
Later you come back
I still sit where you left me
You hug me and say it's ok
You understand
You know I didn't mean to do it
I only wanted to teach you
I am your big sister and I know you'll listen to me
You learn from me
But what you don't know is that I learn from you too
You are my best friend
Whether you know it or not
And I love you more than you know
It's the love of a sister
A big sister
You look up at me and smile
You know
You've known all along
Then you say
Come big sister
Take my hand
It's time to go

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