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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here is another one that I wrote. I wrote it for my lifelong best friend Carlos, who now lived over 600 miles away from me, and I haven't seen him since June of '07! Miss you Carlos!


You are there for me
I am there for you
We share
We share something that can't be defined
A bond that is unexplainable
The simplest things bring us joy and happiness
We sit and talk
In our own world
About the little things that bother us
Or the deepest things we can't tell anybody else
Whatever it is we listen and consult eachother
We don't worry about what we think about eachother
We know without words
We finish eachothers sentences
And read eachothers minds
We laugh even though it may not be funny
And cry even though it may not be sad
Because we can
Because we are friends
We make plans to do something
Even though we don't do that one thing
We find a way to have fun with whatever we do
Just being in eachothers presence makes it all worth while
Being with eachother we make memories
Memories that will last a lifetime
And these memories, these are ours
Only we share them
They make no sence to anybody but us
They only have meaning to us
Something we can look back on
And say 'hey remember that time...?'
We learn from eachother
And teach eachother
But what we are really doing is knowing the value of life

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